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Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services
We take the health and wellness of workers very seriously. Behavioral Health Services (BHS) clinicians have extensive years of experience in a variety of workplace settings and are qualified to provide a diverse range of services, including:  employee assistance counseling; screening of personnel who work in high-risk, secure positions; fitness-for-duty evaluations; assessment and monitoring of substance abuse; and psychological testing. Behavioral Health staff also offer presentations on a variety of mental health and team building topics.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Problems are a part of everyday life. Our confidential psychological counseling services are available as requested to help employees deal with today’s hectic and complex world. Examples of services include stress and anger management, workplace conflict resolution, individual therapy addressing depression and anxiety, and counseling for couples and spouses or partners of eligible Hanford employees. The areas of expertise of BHS providers are focused on adult issues. Child and early adolescent issues are generally out of our scope. We are happy to try to help with referrals.

Community Counseling Referral Service
Sometimes employees would like to seek counseling services in the community, but they are uncertain about which provider to see or what kind of services are appropriate for their needs. BHS maintains a list of community providers and can assist with a referral. Employees do not need to come in to our clinic to access this service. They may simply call BHS, and a provider will briefly review the issue with them to determine appropriate referrals and then share community provider contact information over the phone. (Please note: The free, eight-session, EAP benefit does not apply to sessions with community providers. Community provider services will need to be coordinated with and billed through the employee’s insurance, and any out-of-pocket costs associated with an outside provider are the responsibility of the employee. BHS cannot provide information about a community provider’s current availability for services.)

Contact us at 376-4418 or with any questions or to schedule an appointment or presentation.


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