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Risk Communication

Risk Communication is a science-based approach for communicating effectively in high concern, sensitive, high-stress, emotionally charged and/or controversial situations. The goals of this program of "assisted dialogue among stakeholders" are to enhance trust and credibility, increase knowledge and awareness, and resolve conflict. HPMC understands that many workplace safety and health issues can escalate into employee concerns and grievances if not communicated in a manner that instills trust in the workforce. We routinely provide guidance and recommendations for effective communication and can serve as a facilitator at meetings for groups who wish to achieve consensus on a controversial topic.

Risk Communication Facilitation Services:

  • Engaging in active participation with worker-oriented groups and meetings

  • Holding sessions to listen to grievances and health concerns

  • Facilitating meetings between two or more factions (e.g. management and workers)

Risk Communication Training and Subject Matter Expertise Services:

  • Training people who may have to address an emotionally charged audience

  • Teaching Risk Communication principles to various management or professional groups

  • Providing presentations, educational materials or SME on medical and environmental health topics/issues

  • Assisting in the development of policies and procedures that address worker health concerns

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