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Health Data Analysis

HPMC understands the value that good analysis and trending of population health data brings to any occupational health program. Using sound epidemiologic principles, we can provide invaluable assistance to clinicians, safety professionals and management organizations in understanding their work environments and the potential health effects of workplace exposures. Individuals in occupational settings may be exposed to risk factors for disease, but it is through continuous monitoring and aggregation of these data that the real health effect of potential workplace exposures on the workforce is identified.

HPMC has qualified and experienced staff able to design and manage surveillance systems that ensure valid and appropriate data are collected. This provides a high quality foundation on which robust analyses and trending can be performed in order to assess the impact of the workplace on the worker population. Key to the success of HPMC health analysis and trending efforts is our ability to effectively communicate these findings to workers, stakeholders, regulatory authorities, medical professionals and other interested parties.

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