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Health Education

HPMC Health Education and Promotion programs and services are focused on preventing the most significant obstacles to productivity: employee illness, injury and absenteeism. Our experienced staff provides organizations with the tools and best practices to deliver quality health and wellness services integrated with traditional employer occupational health and safety programs.

We address risk factors and lifestyle issues that affect employee health, creating targeted health intervention programs and services that are innovative and effective. Our award-winning technology-based health applications, tools and interventions remove physical and geographic barriers to delivery of health education and wellness services via the Internet.

Health and Wellness Program components include needs assessments and screening programs to identify populations at risk, awareness education designed to inform the workforce about existing and emerging health issues, interventions such as health coaching and lifestyle behavior modification programs aimed at the prevention or management of disease or injury or illness, and program evaluation. HPMC's commitment to continuous quality improvement is evident in our programs and is accomplished through customer surveys, internal and external program assessments, measurement of program impact and health outcomes, and implementation of process and quality improvement measures.

Programs and Services:

  • Health Maintenance Examination

  • Preventive Screenings

  • Individual Health Coaching

  • Flu Shots

  • Health Fairs

  • Tobacco Cessation

  • Weight Management

  • Health and Productivity Management Consultation

  • Fitness/Exercise Services

  • Wellness and Safety Education/Training

  • Health Challenges

Technology-Based Health Services:

  • Health Risk Appraisal

  • Interactive Educational Modules

  • Interactive Behavior Change Applications

  • Health Challenge Tracker Tool

  • Health Calculators and Logs

  • Electronic Newsletters

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