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Occupational Medicine

HPMC has hands-on experience in supporting clients who are addressing a wide range of occupational health issues. We have the knowledge and capability to develop comprehensive and compliant occupational medicine programs, deal with specific workplace health issues, and perform risk analysis and medical surveillance for virtually any work environment.

We have worked in unique federal government settings since we began. Each of these settings has some requirement or requirements specific to their unique workplace environment. Because of the depth and breadth of our experience, HPMC is well versed in the fundamentals of a first rate occupational medicine program and can quickly respond to each of our customers' needs, regardless of setting.

Quality occupational medicine programs rely on experienced, high performing professionals. We have a strong track-record of successfully recruiting and retaining expert professionals with substantial experience in many hard-to-find professions. HPMC has a staff of physicians, doctoral level clinical psychologists, and epidemiologists as well as advanced degreed public health experts and healthcare professionals. Our medical director, who provides medical leadership for our professional staff and oversight to our medical programs, is a highly experienced physician, board certified in both Occupational and Internal medicine.

A sample of HPMC experience in development and implementation of comprehensive occupational medicine programs includes the following:

  • OSHA compliant medical surveillance programs

  • OSHA compliant medical qualifications programs

  • Management of occupational injuries and illnesses

  • Worker's compensation case management

  • Management of large volume medical records systems

  • Development and implementation of specialized medical surveillance programs

  • Management and consultation regarding hazardous substances such as beryllium, carcinogens, radiation, and others

  • Emergency medical and facility response

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