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Fitness Rehabilitation

HPMC recognizes the importance of injury prevention and early intervention. Our Industrial Fitness and Rehabilitation program is committed to offering tools and services that positively impact worker safety, physical condition and productivity.


The goals of the Industrial Fitness and Rehabilitation program include:

  • Enhancing worker health, safety and wellness

  • Early assessment and intervention

  • Minimizing lost work time and associated costs

  • Ensuring a safe return to work


HPMC's experienced staff conduct a variety of clinical and field assessments. These provide our customers and their employees information related to health risks and work hazards in the workplace that could lead to injury or illness. Our staff has specialized training and certifications in the fields of exercise physiology, sports medicine, ergonomics and work capacity evaluation.

Office and field ergonomic evaluations identify potential hazards and allow for implementation of ergonomic solutions and controls. Clinical evaluation services, such as fitness-for-duty and work capacity evaluations, are available to determine whether employees are capable of performing the essential job functions and physical demands of their job in a safe and dependable basis.

Fitness and therapeutic conditioning programs improve individual workers' ability to: function and work safely, improve productivity, reduce worker discomfort or the likelihood of re-injury, and assist workers in maintaining or regaining the physical fitness needed to perform their job duties. Managers and workers also benefit from our specialized education and training regarding fitness and ergonomic principles. We also routinely provide practical solutions that can be used to reduce costly injuries and lost work time.

Assessment Services

  • Fitness Assessments

  • Fitness-For-Duty

  • Work Capacity Evaluation

  • Office Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Field/Industrial Ergonomic Evaluation


Fitness and Conditioning Services

  • Work Conditioning

  • Industrial / Worksite Stretch and Fitness Programs

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Education Services (e.g. Back Injury Prevention, Fitness/Exercise Principles, Ergonomic Awareness Training, etc.)

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