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Team HPMC Volunteer Spotlight

Team HPMC would like to shine the volunteer spotlight on our Corporate Contracts Manager Shanna Reynolds. Shanna volunteers her grant writing expertise with one of our favorite non-profits, Elijah Family Homes, a 501(c)(3) organization which fosters hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency through stable housing and supportive services for families in recovery. Elijah Family Homes serves families with low income who do not qualify for public housing because of past criminal offenses, often as a result of drug and alcohol addiction. Shanna recently helped draft a successful Marshall 2060 Grant proposal, awarded for approximately $45,000 through the Benton and Franklin Counties, Department of Human Services, Affordable Housing 2019, 2060 Funds. The intent of the 2060 Fund is to provide affordable housing for very low income persons with income at or below fifty percent of the area median income. Applications were evaluated on a competitive basis. Elijah Family Homes will use this Grant to make needed improvements to an Elijah Family Homes Richland, WA Duplex. This Grant will upgrade the electrical, windows, doors, siding, and insulation. These energy efficient improvements will aid in bringing operating costs down for the residents and community pride in the neighborhood.


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