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National Aeronatics & Space Administration

HPMC is proud to be a prime contractor at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama. HPMC was competitively awarded this prime contract in 2008 and then again in 2013. As the prime contractor for the MSFC Occupational Health Services (OHS) program, HPMC has management and decision-making authority for the administration and performance of the contract. Under this performance-based contract HPMC provides the professional, technical, and administrative resources necessary to the management of the OHS program.

The MSFC is a key contributor to significant NASA programs and continues a legacy of accomplishment that includes the Saturn V rocket that launched America's astronauts to the moon; Skylab, the world's first space station; the propulsions systems for the space shuttle; Spacelab; the Hubble Space Telescope; and the construction and operation of the International Space Station. The MSFC has an on-going role in NASA, assisting the agency in meeting its exploration mission objectives by leading the development of a new family of launch vehicles.

HPMC's Workscope Includes:


Contract Management
Includes responsibility for the performance of all contract management activities required to plan, furnish, and manage the provision of occupational health services to MSFC. Specific activities include monitoring overall contract performance, budget management, procurement, invoicing, management of subcontractors and vendors, and processing modifications.

Occupational Medicine
Includes the provision of comprehensive occupational medical services to MSFC civil service and contractor personnel in compliance with applicable NASA and other requirements. Comprehensive occupational medical services include: physical examinations, laboratory, x-ray, illness/injury management including first aid and case management, emergency and therapeutic medicine, preventive medicine, and other services consistent with occupational medicine practice.

Industrial Hygiene
Includes the provision of necessary industrial hygiene monitoring, sampling, testing, and analysis services for the center workforce and facilities; response to concerns/complaints regarding workplace hazards; support of the MSFC safety organization; interface with occupational medicine in the development of appropriate surveillance programs/protocols; training; management of the Asbestos, Hearing Conservation, and Hazard Communication Programs; and other industrial hygiene functions.

Respiratory Protection
Comprises all activities related to the administration and operations of the center wide Respiratory Protection Program. These activities include: maintenance and repair for all government-owned equipment, medical coordination, inspection, testing, training, preventive maintenance/cleaning, repairing, storage, issuing, quantitative/qualitative fit testing, management of compressed air cylinders, and other respiratory protection functions.

Radiation Safety
Includes the maintenance and update of centerwide procedures for use of non-ionizing radiation, maintenance of the non-ionizing radiation source inventory, hazard evaluations of radiation work areas, and radon management.

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