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Capabilities Statement

Core Competencies
HPM Corporation (HPMC) was founded in July 2001. Recognizing a growing need to provide quality, cost-effective occupational medicine, occupational safety and health, and project management services. HPMC specializes in support services customized to the individual needs of each client in the fields of:

  • Occupational Medicine

  • Occupational Safety & Health

  • Health Care Management

  • Project Management

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Risk Communication

  • Behavioral Health & Employee Assistance Services

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Environmental Safety & Health

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Engineering

  • Corrective Action Management

  • Performance Assurance

  • Ergonomic Services

  • Work Conditioning and Industrial Rehabilitation

  • Population Health Analysis & Legacy Health Management

  • Medical Surveillance Program for Beryllium

  • Legacy Tank Waste Medical Surveillance Program

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