Recognition & Performance Feeback

Mission Support Alliance

"AVS folks go out of their way to provide customers outstanding service with procurements, inspections, and inquiries."


NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

“Every single person who works in the medical center makes me feel as though I’m the most important “customer” there. It is greatly appreciated.”

“One year ago, yearly physical found that my heart was in atrial fibrillation and future testing shows a valve leakage. Last February (6 months later) I had surger and glad to report I’m back to 100%. I had no signs and symptoms that anything was wrong. So BIG THANKS to the staff and doctors!!”

“This is an extremely useful benefit provided by the Center, one which directly and positively impacts the health of the workforce. Caring in action.”

"General comment of Thankfullness for the services provided by the Medical Center. "


"For a few years I was informed of a rising medical level and advised to seek a specialist…cancer was found. If it had not been for the screening I am sure I would not have gotten checked."


"Kudos for efforts to find another use for waste and saving tens of thousands of dollars."


Hanford Occupational Medical Services

“I felt the PA-C I saw was legitimately concerned for my wellness. Her “bedside manner” was exceptional.”

“I’m EXTREMELY critical of medical facilities…I expect the best from the medical personnel that treat me and your facility delivered. Thank you for creating such a great environment to be a patient.”

“I had a fabulous experience in the clinic. Everyone was courteous, professional and I was out of there in record time!”

“I personally do not like the breathing test. The nurse took exceptional care helping me with proper posture & strategy – she was excellent.”